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Sugar & Spice is a virtual club. What does that mean?
Sugar & Spice does not have a central location. We have members from all across the country. We conduct business virtually via conference calls and/or internet. The club communicates with its members through the webpage, Facebook, emails, and discussion forums.
Do I have to know how to ski/snowboard to join the club?
We have skiers/boarders with various ability levels. If you don't know how, we have special programs to teach you. At the beginning of each ski season, we offer a special 'Never Ever' ski package for those who have never ever skied or snowboard before. You can take ski/board lessons up to 5 days with experienced ski instructors.
Does everyone ski/board on the ski trips?
No, some people take advantage of other opportunities. They enjoy traveling to new cities, shopping, spas, and fine dining. In addition, most mountains have snowmobiling, snow tubing, and ice skating.
Are there any club activities in the "off season"?
Yes, we have year-round activities that include trips to the Caribbean, music festivals, fundraisers, and much more!
Can you help me improve my skiing/boarding?
Absolutely, we have ski clinics available at every mountain trip to improve your current ability.
Your trips look great, but as new member who has never been to the mountain will I be traveling by myself?
Sugar & Spice makes it easy to meet people if you don't know anyone when you join. Our social events and fundraisers are organized and make it easy for your to meet others. Prior to traveling to the mountain, trip leaders will match you with a roommate and put you in contact with someone who lives in a nearby city. By the time you reach your final destination, you will have a new friend and met many others during your travel.
I am married with children. Is this club for singles?
Sugar & Spice offers three levels of memberships to include everyone.
-Sugar & Spice (Women)
-Brothers of Sugar & Spice (Men)
-Sugar Babies (Youth)
Do I have to be a member to participate in your activities?
Sugar & Spice offers various trips an activities throughout the year. Please visit our events calendar for non-member events. As a paid active member, you will receive discounts on transportation, lodging, lift tickets and much more.
What do I need to pack for a ski/snowboard trip?
If you do not have any equipment, we offer great discounts on rental equipment- ski boots, goggles, helmet, skis, and poles. You will need to pack a warm base layer, mid-layer (for colder weather), gloves/mittens, chapstick, ski pants, and a ski/snowboard jacket. Bring a warm, cozy pair of boots and lots of socks. When you are not on the snow, many people wear sweaters and jeans to hang out in. DO NOT WEAR COTTON! Cotton does not wick moisture away from the body, causing you to sweat and get cold easy. Don't forget a first aid kit, insurance cards, and pertinent medical documents for emergencies.
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